Friday, 30 December 2011

Marcothon and Minimal Shoes

Well the second Marcothon ( ) is nearly over and I've really enjoyed it. With few races on the horizon and a smug belief in my own relative fitness it is all too easy in the winter to fall into the trap of being "a bit too busy to run today" as the rain lashes at the darkened windows of home or office. The Marcothon gets you out day after day, attracts a good deal of support from family and friends and is at just the time of year when the training slump happens. The trick, I think, is to still have rest days. You have to run of course but you can run slowly and gently. Accordingly this year I've really enjoyed it. My mileage hasn't been high but I am feeling very good on it in the middle of a wild and wet winter.

The other aspect of this year's running has been barefooting for wimps. Running in minimal shoes that is. At the real risk of angering jealous gods I'm still injury free and doing every bit of running that isn't on a hill, in a pair of Merrell Trail gloves. I've done some real barefooting as well but only on the gentle surface of beach or golf course! Running is always a genuine pleasure now even if the weather does occasionally require the invocation of Robertson's rule (Craft's rule now I suppose)

Friday, 23 December 2011


A week or so ago Reiver and I were in the Ochils early enough to be breaking trail in new snow. Well he was breaking with his 3 inch legs and I was happily running in his wake. He didn't seem to mind. Low cloud meant it was dull in the car park but sparkling white on the tops. Photo is him at the top of Dumyat.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Minimalist Running 8 months In

Well. Despite a complete lack of blogs I did stick with it. I now run only in hill shoes or the Merrells. I confess I've never enjoyed my running as much and am a complete convert. I'm still not tempted to run barefoot. I just don't believe that you can avoid glass or worse but a minimal shoes are a real joy to run in. Next step perhaps is to try the innovate minimal hill shoe?