Friday, 20 January 2012

50 Days of running

I've just completed 50 days of running under Marcothon rules. The Marcothon is a challenge to run every day in December; a run being 3 miles or 25 minutes. I completed December and was feeling strong on it so decided to have a play and see day by day how long I could keep going. I was also taking "rest days" once or twice a week when I'd do the three miles very slowly and, where possible on easy terrain like the golf courses. I promised that the first sign of injury would mark the end. Well the day before yesterday I gave my right Grascilis a bit of a tweak at the top of Dumyat. Yesterday it felt fine (am I protesting too much here?) and I was due for a 7.5 mile circuit with hill reps. Instead I decided on a steady and fairly slow 8 miles without the hill reps. It proved to be something of a mistake as the Grascilis started to pull across the knee. Popped into "The Ferry" on the Broomielaw who kindly and without comment supplied me with a bag of ice. That notwithstanding I was hobbling embarrassingly by the time I got the train. So, long story short, that's that experiment at an end. On the plus side I'm feeling very strong and it has given a real kick start to the season, also my leg and knee have eased up completely this morning. On the negative side; running every day with no real recovery is, as I knew all along, a bit daft!

Friday, 6 January 2012

1st Dumyat Run of 2012 and Reiver's Trophy.

Good run up Dumyat at lunch today. Reiver and I went up the front between the southern buttresses and from the top did a long loop north and west before returning down the front. It's a steep and entertaining descent and was further enlivened by Reiver's discovery of a sheep's skull. It was half his size and he was very pleased with it. It remains on the hill! I am not popular. Light drizzle and little wind.

Thursday, 5 January 2012


A cracking run today. 8.2 miles of the Anniesland Cross circuit. Up to Great Western Road from the office. GWR cleared of fallen trees, masonry and signs that punctuated yesterday's run. Turned down the Crow Road at Anniesland Cross and made my way down to Glasgow Harbour flats and back into the Broomielaw along the river. So sunny that I had to take of my waterproof for the first time in months. Running felt fast and easy but didn't have my watch on so don't know my actual times. Magic.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Barefooting in the gale

Well I delayed my run today as Prestwick was reading a steady 55mph, gusting to 84mph. Call me a wimp but there was sheet steel flying about out there. Benefit was that once it had died down to a mere gale there was no one golfing on Royal Troon. Gave me a chance to barefoot properly. Felt very good but the learning point is that bare soles are not as grippy as shoes even if toes uphill give cracking traction. Nearly went down on a long slick section of fairway. Lots of different surfaces including cinder track and paths through gorse. All fine but I'm still not running on paths and roads without some kind of protection! I confess it was warmer putting on socks and the Merrells once I got back to tarmac. Feet feel great although I did give them a pretty good scrub and a slaver of petroleum jelly.