The Marcothon is a mad plan by Marco Consani to run every day in December 2010.  A run is defined as at least three miles or 25 minutes whichever is shorter:

Wednesday 1 December  Glasgow:  3miles  25:46:82  Snow and ice run along Broomielaw to SECC Bridge and back along other side of the river.

Thursday 2 December  Glasgow:  6 miles 53:16:75  Even more snow and ice.  Out to Partick up Gardner Street back along Great Western Road.

Friday 3 December  Glasgow: Over 3 miles but in a rush so forgot my watch but ran same route as Wednesday plus about 20 metres so definitely the distance.  Snow, ice, sleet, wind and getting dark.  Whose idea was this?

Saturday 4 December:   Troon.  Quick 3.5 miles with Reiver as it began to get dark.  Out along cycle track back by Royal Troon.

Sunday 5 December:  Cracking 5 miles run with Reiver along the beach to Prestwick and back along the cycle track.  Lovely clear crisp day.

Monday 6 December:  London.  Weird one.  Sleeper to London overnight.  Into office in Whitehall at 0700 and then out for a run up Birdcage Walk, Round the back of Buckingham Palace, along Piccadilly and back to Whitehall across Trafalgar Square.  Don't know the distance but it was over 26 minutes.  Then meetings all day in London and back on the night train!

Tuesday 7 December:  Troon.  3.36 miles 00:29:09.  -10, snow and ice.  Out and around Royal troon in the dark.

Wednesday 8 December:  Glasgow.  6+ miles (Garmin problems but twice up Gardner Street so definately over 6!)  -10, icy.  Broomielaw, Gardner Street (x2), Hyndland, GWR

Thursday 9 December:  Glasgow. 3.2 miles 00:25:47. Warmer but very slippy.  Broomielaw circuit.  Had to use showers in APC as our water out!

Friday 10 December:  Camberley.  00:26:27.  Ran round grounds of RMAS in dark early morning.  Messed up charging Garmin so on spare running watch.  Good run.  Much warmer down there.

Saturday 11 December:  Troon.  00:41:45.  Out along beach south and back by dunes with Reiver.  Brilliant and quite fast as I tried to keep him in sight.

Sunday 12 December:  Troon. ? Over 4 miles.  Out along dunes and back through Royal Troon with Reiver. Brilliant!

Monday 13 December:  Glasgow.  3 miles.  Early morning batter around the Broomielaw circuit.

Tuesday 14 December:  Daviot.  3 miles.  Dodgy run along Highland roads in the dark early morning!

Wednesday 15 December:  Glasgow.  Squiggly bridge circuits with the Running Group.  4x double circuits and then a warm down.  Fast laps though I was right at the back of the pack!

Thursday 16 December:  Glasgow.  4.5 miles.  Tried to do the Gardner St Circuit but gave up on the ice after Gardner St and ran back on the roads back down to the river.

Friday 17 December:  Glasgow.  3 miles. 00:22:33.  Squiggly Bridge circuit.  Still a bit icy

Saturday 18 December:  Troon.  About 3.5 miles.  Don't know time.  Fantastic run at dusk in fairly deep snow on Royal Troon with Reiver.

Sunday 19 December:  Troon.    3.8 miles. 00:33:22.  Fantastic run in fairly heavy snow in the dark out along cycle track and back by Royal Troon with Reiver.  You can see for miles in the snow brilliant!

Monday 20 December: Glasgow.  3.04 miles.  00:24:16.  Early morning Broomielaw circuit.  Back in for 0715.  Snow and ice underfoot but fairly runnable.

Tuesday 21 December:  Glasgow. 3 miles after lunch.  Broomielaw circuit.  Packed snow underfoot but runnable.

Wednesday 22 December:  Glasgow.  3 miles late afternoon.  Reverse Broomielaw Circuit.  Bitterly cold.  Lots of ice on river.  Pretty runnable.

Thursday 23 December:  Edinburgh.  3.28 miles.  00:31:40.  Holyrood Park and Hunters Bog at 0600!

Friday 24 December:  Dumyat.  2.99 miles. 00:53:14.  Straight up front butresses and down back of Dumyat to the east.

Saturday 25 December:  Troon.  3.46 miles.  00:31:20.  The worst Marcothon so far.  Heavy thaw and now really bad ice under water!  Reiver came and even he fell over!

Sunday 26 December:  Troon.  3.3? miles.  Along beach and dunes and round Royal Troon.  Wet and windy a real blast.

Monday 27 December: Troon.  4.5 miles.  Dunes and Royal Troon again but this time further as went along Pow Burn.

Tuesday 28 December: Troon. 4.46 miles. 00:38:31.  As yesterday.  Magic run again.

Wednesday 29 December:  Troon.  4.5 miles.  As yesterday.  Good run.

Thursday 30 December:  Troon.  Horrible run!  Weak and ill from a night of D&V.  Only dragged myself out because two left to do.  00:26:17 and 2.71 miles.

Friday 31 December:  Troon.  6 miles (ish my Garmin died again) but a brilliant run round Fullarton and Royal Troon.

Total about 115 miles.