Thursday, 21 August 2014

Day 2: Tuesday 19th August 2014

Glendoll to Linn of Dee (13.5 miles running, 8.5 bike)

2nd day and my support driver / soignuer (Sandra) had to endure a 130 mile round trip just so that I could run the 13.5 miles between Glendoll and Braemar! Weather was a bit changeable but it was a cracking run up over Jock's Road.  A very runnable climb from the south and a good run our but the path (never mind road) doesn't really exist beyond Davy’s Bourach the shelter at the top of Glendoll. It is beautiful wild running and Kisii, Sandra’s Ridgeback, was most impressed by the variety of wildlife about: Ptarmigan already turning white and masses of hares as well as deer.  Sandra and Reiver walked up the track to meet us. I switched to the bike in the car park and rattled out the eight miles to Linn of Dee to finish off the day.

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